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TypeError: Cannot read property ‘match’ of undefined

Ketan asked on January 2, 2017

I am trying version 2.229 to get rid of “Maximum call stack size exceeded” on Google Chrome 54 for Windows error.
But now I am getting another error.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'match' of undefined

Kindly help me to resolve this. Attaching sample csv for reference and error snapshot.

1 answer

Iryna Kulchytska Flexmonster January 3, 2017

Hi Ketan,
Thank you for reporting the issue. It was reproduced on our side in 2.229 version.
Could you please download the newest version from our website? The components 2.230 and 2.306 work fine with CSV you provided.
Please let me know if the issue is resolved with the version released today.
Kind regards,

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