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Valor no topo do grafico e legenda

douglasbergamo asked on October 1, 2020

como deixar os valores aparecerem no topo do grafico assim como a legenda


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Mykhailo Halaida Mykhailo Halaida Flexmonster October 2, 2020

Hi Douglas,
Thank you for posting your question.
The values for each column in the chart view can be displayed with the help of the showDataLabels option. Please see the following JSFiddle sample illustrating this:
Speaking of changing the text label layout in the legend, it cannot currently be changed with some option or a property.
Nevertheless, you are free to customize it with your own CSS configurations – here is an article on how to customize Flexmontser appearance:
You might also find the following API call helpful:
Please let us know if this helps.
Best regards,

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