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what does the filter topX mean?How can i remove it?

jiameichen asked on April 11, 2018

i can`t find topX of filters in api or docs.And I dont know the usage of it.Can you give me any information?

2 answers

jiameichen April 11, 2018

I want to hide this topX button in the following attachment.How can I do that


Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster April 11, 2018

Hello, Jiameichen,
Thank you for your interest in Flexmonster Pivot!
TOP X feature performs filtering by values where only X top (or bottom) elements are displayed on the grid. Clicking on TOP X button will open the submenu with additional options: the first field for entering X of the top or bottom values, top or bottom values selection and drop-down with available measures. Here is the video tutorial demonstrating how to use this feature and other kinds of filtering:
If you want to hide TOP X button, this can be done via CSS styles:

#fm-pivot-view #fm-filter-view #fm-top10-btn {
display: none !important;

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