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What does the "JSON Records" information in your pricing grid refers to ?

De Meulemeester Julien asked on April 8, 2016

I’m wondering which license would be the best to buy for my company. I’m hesitating between the “Enterprise Advanced HTML5” and “Enterprise Site HTML5” licences. We would use the control with JSON data and I want to know what is your meaning of a JSON Record as they are limited in the Enterprise Site HTML5 license. I want to be sure to pick the right license as the price gap is quite important.
Have a good day.

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daniil April 8, 2016

Hello Julien, 
Thank you for your question. In the set of functionality which is displayed at our website by a “record” we mean a row. For example, following JSON demo contains 13 records (elements of array) – So in the Enterprise Site HTML 5 the limitation is 4K rows. Did you have a chance to test Enterprise Site edition with your JSON data source in regards to this matter?  
Hope I managed to answer your question. 
Kind regards, 

De Meulemeester Julien April 15, 2016

Hello daniil, thank you for the fast response, it answered my question.

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