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Why do I only have a few options in the contextual aggregation dropdown?

Jon asked on February 25, 2019

Hi guys!

I was wondering why my SASS-connected pivot grid’s “Aggregation” context menu is not showing all of the options shown in the demos (please refer to attached image for clarity). Is it because it’s a Microsoft Analysis Services connection or something?




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Dmytro Zvazhii Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster February 27, 2019

Hello Jon,
Thank you for posting your question here.
Yes, you are right, not all of the client-side aggregations are available for SASS data source. The reason is that the component receives already aggregated data from the cube. Therefore, if it is necessary to have the other aggregations you will need to pre-configure them on the cube.
When you use Flexmonster with CSV and JSON the component stores the whole data set into the browser’s memory. Since the component has all the raw data available it can calculate all the aggregations itself. With the SASS data source, there is no such option to get all the data.
Please let us know in case of any other question.

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