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XML parser error.

Nagaraj Chatiri asked on December 20, 2019

Hi Team, 

We received an error XML for Analysis Parser. The ‘username’ value of the ‘Effectiveusername’ XML for Analysis property is not valid. Please see the error screenshot attached. 
Also advise as to how it caused this and to fix this issue,
To implement dynamic security in SSAS cube we are passing domain user ‘domain\user’ in ‘EffectiveUserName’ property in flexmonster accelerater but no success,  getting following error, please help.
XML for Analysis parser: The ‘domain\user’ value of the ‘EffectiveUserName’ XML for Analysis property is not valid.
Following is detailed explaination about the issue —
In the dynamic security say user domain\user1 have access to sales region 1 and domain\user2 have access to sales region 2,
so when domain\user1 connects to cube he can see data of sales region 1 only
and when domain\user2 connects to cube he can see data of sales region 2 only,
this dynamic security is implemented properly in the cube and works as expected when domain\user1 or domain\user2 connects to cube with their windows credential in excel
but when we connect to cube in flexmonster and pass domain\user1 or domain\user2 in EffectiveUserName property it gives following error
“XML for Analysis parser: The ‘domain\user1’ value of the ‘EffectiveUserName’ XML for Analysis property is not valid.”



4 answers

Illia Yatsyshyn Illia Yatsyshyn Flexmonster December 26, 2019

Hello, Nagaraj,
Thank you for your question.
Our team would like to kindly recommend using the customData property instead of EffectiveUserName in order to implement the passing of user credentials.
The customData itself is a property of the dataSource object.
Please check out an approach which is discussed in the thread.
Also, you are welcome to investigate an example we have prepared.
We hope it helps.

srinivas December 31, 2019

Hi Illia Yatsyshyn,
This is Srinivas from Invasystems and I am a colleague of Nagaraj.
We were able to identify the issue for this error but don’t know how to proceed further.
Actually, what is happening is that the accelerator is trying to connect the SSAS cube using NT Authority\System user. As this is a super user our role based authentication is failing if we give access to cube for SYSTEM user.
So we don’t want to give system user any admin rights to cube.
Ideally, the accelerator should connect to the cube using anonymous credential of website in IIS (domain\user).
Can you please tell us why accelerator is trying to connect to the cube using NT Authority\System user? And not the impersonate user?
Furthermore, to investigate more I followed the steps as per the below instructions:
in step 3, I am trying to pass the msmdpump olap url to connection string in Config file. But after doing that, the accelerator is not starting.
Can you please tell us why we are facing this issue?
Can you please help us at the earliest?

Nagaraj Chatiri January 2, 2020

Hi Illia,
Is there a way to expedite the response to above question raised by our Dev Team – Srinivas, as we are facing this issue in Production. Appreciate your timely response. 

Dmytro Zvazhii Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster January 6, 2020

Hello Nagaraj,
Thank you for writing.
We need to spend some more time researching that case.
We will keep you updated in the following thread: https://www.flexmonster.com/question/how-to-get-the-accelerator-connect-to-the-ssas-cube-using-impersonate-user/.

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