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[starting from version: 2.306]

It is triggered after the user edits data. Editing is available through the flat table or the drill-through pop-up. This event should be used when editing is enabled (editing: true). When datachanged is triggered it gets as input the object with data property. This property is an array of objects. Each of them has the following structure:

  • id – String | Number. Row number (by default) or ID column.
  • field – String. The unique name of the hierarchy that was updated.
  • value – String. New value.
  • oldValue – String. Old value.

If you want to get the value of the ID column with an event, you should set column type id for this column (read more about data types in JSON and CSV). Such field will not be shown in Field List but its value will be sent within the event. This helps to identify which row was changed.


flexmonster.on('datachanged', function (e) {
    alert("Data changed - field: "
            +[0].field + ", id: "
            + ", new value: "
            + ", previous value: "

Open the example on JSFiddle.

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