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  • MemberInfoObject

    This object is used in the response to the /members request to provide information about members of a certain field.


      "value": string | number,
      "id": string
    String | Number
    The member's value.
    In the case of a number field, it should be of type number.
    In the case of a date field, the members should be passed to Flexmonster as Unix timestamps in milliseconds, then dates are recognized correctly. For example, "2016-02-07" is 1454803200000 when converted to a Unix timestamp in milliseconds.
    optional The member's id. Supported only for string fields. If defined, it is used in queries and in responses to identify the member.


    Here is an example of a response to the /members request with the MemberInfoObject:

      "members": [
        { "value": "Toronto" }, 
        { "value": "Montreal" }, 
        { "value": "New York" }

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