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off(eventName:String, functionName:String)

[starting from version: 2.3]

Removes JS handlers for specified event.


  • eventName – the name of the component’s event.
  • functionName(optional) – the name of JS handler to remove. If not specified, all handlers will be removed for event.


//remove all handlers for 'cellclick' event'cellclick');

//add handler for 'cellclick' event
flexmonster.on('cellclick', 'onCellClick');

function onCellClick(result) {
  alert('The cell is clicked');

//remove specified handler for event'cellclick', 'onCellClick');

//please note, that if you added the listener the following way:
flexmonster.on('celldoubleclick', function () {
  alert('The cell is double clicked');
//it is impossible to remove such listener by name, 
//so the only option here is to remove all the handlers by calling:'celldoubleclick');

Check the example on JSFiddle.

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