1. API reference
    1. Introduction
    2. Flexmonster()
  2. Objects
    1. All objects
    2. Report Object
    3. Slice Object
    4. Options Object
    5. Format Object
    6. Conditional Format Object
    7. Cell Data Object
    8. Toolbar Object
  3. Methods
    1. All methods
    2. addCalculatedMeasure
    3. addCondition
    4. alert
    5. clear
    6. clearFilter
    7. clearXMLACache
    8. closeFieldsList
    9. collapseAllData
    10. collapseData
    11. connectTo
    12. customizeCell
    13. customizeContextMenu
    14. dispose
    15. expandAllData
    16. expandData
    17. exportTo
    18. getAllConditions
    19. getAllHierarchies
    20. getAllMeasures
    21. getCell
    22. getColumns
    23. getCondition
    24. getData
    25. getFilter
    26. getFilterProperties
    27. getFormat
    28. getMeasures
    29. getMembers
    30. getOptions
    31. getReport
    32. getReportFilters
    33. getRows
    34. getSelectedCell
    35. getSort
    36. getXMLACatalogs
    37. getXMLACubes
    38. getXMLADataSources
    39. getXMLAProviderName
    40. load
    41. off
    42. on
    43. open
    44. openFieldsList
    45. openFilter
    46. print
    47. refresh
    48. removeAllCalculatedMeasures
    49. removeAllConditions
    50. removeCalculatedMeasure
    51. removeCondition
    52. removeSelection
    53. runQuery
    54. save
    55. setBottomX
    56. setFilter
    57. setFormat
    58. setOptions
    59. setReport
    60. setSort
    61. setTopX
    62. showCharts
    63. showGrid
    64. showGridAndCharts
    65. sortingMethod
    66. sortValues
    67. updateData
  4. Events
    1. All events
    2. afterchartdraw
    3. aftergriddraw
    4. beforegriddraw
    5. beforetoolbarcreated
    6. cellclick
    7. celldoubleclick
    8. datachanged
    9. dataerror
    10. datafilecancelled
    11. dataloaded
    12. exportcomplete
    13. exportstart
    14. fieldslistclose
    15. fieldslistopen
    16. filterclose
    17. filteropen
    18. loadingdata
    19. loadinglocalization
    20. loadingolapstructure
    21. loadingreportfile
    22. localizationerror
    23. localizationloaded
    24. olapstructureerror
    25. olapstructureloaded
    26. openingreportfile
    27. printcomplete
    28. printstart
    29. querycomplete
    30. queryerror
    31. ready
    32. reportchange
    33. reportcomplete
    34. reportfilecancelled
    35. reportfileerror
    36. runningquery
    37. update
Table of contents

All events

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component offers plenty of events. Try on() and off() functions to handle any event.

List of events:

reportcomplete triggered when the operations can be performed with the component (data source file or OLAP structure was loaded successfully and the grid/chart was rendered)
afterchartdraw triggered after chart rendering
aftergriddraw triggered after grid rendering
beforegriddraw triggered before grid rendering
beforetoolbarcreated triggered before the creation of the Toolbar
cellclick triggered when a cell is clicked on the grid
celldoubleclick triggered when a cell is double clicked on the grid
datachanged triggered after the user edits data
dataerror triggered when some error occurred during the loading of data
datafilecancelled triggered when Open file dialog was opened and customer clicks Cancel button
dataloaded triggered when the component loaded data
exportcomplete triggered after the export process has finished
exportstart triggered when the export of grid or chart starts
fieldslistclose triggered when the built-in Field List is closed
fieldslistopen triggered when the built-in Field List is opened
filterclose triggered when the filter pop-up window is closed
filteropen triggered when the filter pop-up window is opened
loadingdata triggered when data starts loading from from local or remote CSV, JSON or after report was loaded
loadinglocalization triggered when localization file starts loading
loadingolapstructure triggered when structure of OLAP cube starts loading
loadingreportfile triggered when a report file started loading
localizationerror triggered when some error appeared while loading localization file
localizationloaded triggered when localization file was loaded
olapstructureerror triggered when some error appeared while loading OLAP structure
olapstructureloaded triggered when OLAP structure was loaded
openingreportfile triggered when customer uses menu Open -> Local report or API method open() is called
printcomplete triggered after OS print manager was closed
printstart triggered when print(options:Object) method was called or Export > Print was selected in the Toolbar
querycomplete triggered after the data query was complete
queryerror triggered if some error occurred while running the query
ready triggered when the component’s initial configuration completed and the component is ready to receive API calls
reportchange triggered when a report is changed in the component
reportfilecancelled triggered when customer uses menu Open -> Local report and clicks Cancel button
reportfileerror triggered when some error occurred during the loading of the report file
runningquery triggered before data query is started
update triggered when the change occurred in the component