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    Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts offers many events to track different processes and user actions.

    There are two ways to subscribe to the events:

    1. Using the on() API call:
      flexmonster.on(<eventName>, function() {
      // Event handling
    2. When initializing the Flexmonster instance:
      new Flexmonster({
      <eventName>: function() {
      // Event handling
      // Other parameters

    Read more about how to use events.

    List of events:

    afterchartdrawTriggered after chart rendering.
    aftergriddrawTriggered after grid rendering.
    beforegriddrawTriggered before grid rendering.
    beforetoolbarcreatedTriggered before the creation of the Toolbar.
    cellclickTriggered when a cell is clicked on the grid.
    chartclickTriggered when a chart element is clicked.
    celldoubleclickTriggered when a cell is double clicked on the grid.
    datachangedTriggered after the user edits data.
    dataerrorTriggered when some error occurred during the loading of data.
    datafilecancelledTriggered when Open file dialog was opened and customer clicks Cancel button.
    dataloadedTriggered when the component loaded data.
    drillthroughcloseTriggered when the drill-through view is closed.
    drillthroughopenTriggered when the drill-through view is opened.
    exportcompleteTriggered when the export is complete.
    exportstartTriggered when the export starts.
    fieldslistcloseTriggered when the built-in Field List is closed.
    fieldslistopenTriggered when the built-in Field List is opened.
    filtercloseTriggered when the filter pop-up window is closed.
    filteropenTriggered when the filter pop-up window is opened.
    loadingdataTriggered when data starts loading from from local or remote CSV, JSON or after report was loaded.
    loadinglocalizationTriggered when localization file starts loading.
    loadingolapstructureTriggered when structure of OLAP cube starts loading.
    loadingreportfileTriggered when a report file started loading.
    localizationerrorTriggered when some error appeared while loading localization file.
    localizationloadedTriggered when localization file was loaded.
    olapstructureerrorTriggered when some error appeared while loading OLAP structure.
    olapstructureloadedTriggered when OLAP structure was loaded.
    openingreportfileTriggered when customer uses menu Open -> Local report or API method open() is called.
    printcompleteTriggered when the OS print manager is closed.
    printstartTriggered when the OS print manager is opened to start printing.
    querycompleteTriggered after the data query was complete.
    queryerrorTriggered if some error occurred while running the query.
    readyTriggered when the component’s initial configuration completed and the component is ready to receive API calls.
    reportchangeTriggered when a report is changed in the component.
    reportcompleteTriggered when the operations can be performed with the component (data source file or OLAP structure was loaded successfully and the grid/chart was rendered).
    reportfilecancelledTriggered when customer uses menu Open -> Local report and clicks Cancel button.
    reportfileerrorTriggered when some error occurred during the loading of the report file.
    runningqueryTriggered before data query is started.
    unauthorizederrorTriggered when the Accelerator or the custom data source API server sends the 401 Unauthorized error in response to Flexmonster's request.
    updateTriggered when the change occurred in the component.