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    [starting from version: 2.3]

    It is triggered when the component's initial configuration completed and the component is ready to receive API calls. Please note that all JS API calls are blocked until the component's ready event is dispatched. In other words, when the ready handler is called you know that the component's creation completed and now you can use API calls.

    Also, when ready is called data structure is still loading if the report parameter was specified in new Flexmonster(). To retrieve information about data source structure use reportcomplete. If you want to track changes in the ReportObject, we recommend using reportchange.


    How to define a report from JS:

    Defining a report from JS after the component is created:

    var pivot = new Flexmonster({
      container: "pivotContainer",
      componentFolder: "node_modules/flexmonster/",
      toolbar: true,
      ready: function () {
        var report = {
          dataSource: {
            filename: "data.csv"
          options: {
            grid: {
              title: "Report set via JS API"
          slice: {
            rows: [
              {uniqueName: "Country"},
              {uniqueName: "[Measures]"}
            columns: [
              {uniqueName: "Color"}
            measures: [
              {uniqueName: "Price"}

    Try on JSFiddle.

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