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Flexmonster to Stop Releasing Flash Version: Focusing on HTML5

Flexmonster will completely focus on the development of HTML5 version of Pivot Component and is going to STOP releasing new Flash and Flex versions in the nearest time. The new release 2.2, the last one with the Flash version, is expected this autumn!

Flexmonster keeps moving with the times and tries to meet new needs and requirements our customers demand that often requires using the latest available technologies and tools. Over the years we have managed to create high-quality Pivot Table & Charts Flash component for our clients. It's no news that every day Flash is becoming less popular among users while HTML5 is spread on majority of modern devices, is more secure and opens more opportunities for visualizing data for end users. That is why a year ago we released a new version of Flexmonster that included not only updated Flash/Flex web-component but also HTML5 version. Still, we continued applying development efforts to both versions, thus we were simultaneously enhancing them both.

We have already brought HTML5 version to the same level as Flash/Flex, it includes most of existing features and allows building and running the same reports, but on а much wider variety of devices using only HTML5-compliant web browsers. (Please review the detailed description of main features).

In order to provide our numerous customers who are still using Flash/Flex based solutions in their organizations with quality reporting component we tried to support and upgrade Flash edition of Flexmonster component with the latest features for as long as possible. However, based on the latest trends, now it’s time to focus purely on HTML5 technology and apply all efforts in order to offer the best reporting component for web and mobile devices.

Nevertheless, our customers should not be worried as we will continue to provide support services for Flash/Flex version: bug fixing, technical consultations and so on. We guarantee our maintenance on Flash/Flex for you as long as you need to support your business. Despite the fact there will be no possibility for upgrade to the brand new version of Pivot component for Flash/Flex platform, in some special cases our support team is always open to customization.

Moreover, if you would like to upgrade your Flash/Flex version of Flexmonster Pivot Table Component to HTML5/JS version just contact our support team and we will find the best upgrade option for you.

Also, feel free to take a look at our all-in-one-demo and download trial of 2.1 version to evaluate integration with your solutions.


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