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Flexmonster Component Evolution: From Version 1.3 to 2.1

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

In far 2010 we were pleased to release 1.3 version of Flexmonster Component to public for the first time. Since then the product has been polished and improved by our team according to the requirements of time and needs of our beloved customers. And now it has become a high-quality reporting tool with strong features used by more than 300 companies worldwide.

The development of the component, new features improvements and all enhancements at all stages of the component’s evolution you can find below:

v1.4 – Export & Charts (release date: May 2011)

Developing this version our team put its main efforts toward implementing new types of export (Excel and PDF) and new charts. The other new significant features were:

  • TOP X filtering
  • Numeric and hierarchical sorting
  • Drill up/down for reports based on OLAP data sources.


v1.5 – Enterprise Features (release date: December 2011)

In Flexmonster v1.5 the development was focused on enterprise features required for business solutions:


One more important thing in v1.5 release was a new toolbar with JavaScript API. It was a good example of how Web or Flex application can interact with the component.


v1.6 – Improved API & New Data Sources (release date: June 2012)

Our main goal for v1.6 was to deliver а new more powerful and unified API. This version also included the following features :


For better understanding how significantly API was changed you can read the general release notes.


v1.7 – New UI (release date: October 2012)

After spending a lot of time on creating powerful component we got to the UI and UX. Creating clear and intuitive controls was our main thought while developing v1.7:


Here you can find general release notes.


v1.8 – Going Mobile with Fastest Web-Grid (release date: March 2013)

The main challenge for Flexmonster v1.8 was making our web pivot table component compatible with main mobile devices. This was implemented as both ready-to-use native application for Android and iOS by Flexmonster (PivoTable) along with an option to create own applications by vendors using the Flex component.

v1.8 also became a significant step forward towards much better performance. This became possible due to pivot grid being rewritten from scratch and implementation of more complex rendering and caching algorithms. As a result rendering time was decreased in more than 4 times.

v1.8 features reference:


v1.9 – Improved Data Layer (release date: September 2013)

Flexmonster v1.9 included several new approaches of data loading and displaying data in flat format in particular:


Please read more about added features in general release notes.


v2.0 – HTML5 Version (release date: January 2014)

Entire development of Flexmonster v2.0 was focused on developing Flexmonster HTML5 version which became pure JavaScript analogue of our previously developed product. Since its release we have been working on both Flash and HTML5 versions at the same time and were implementing new features for both of them:


You can take a look at all new features of v.2.0 in general release notes


v2.1 – Classic View. Drill-Through. Editing Cells (release date: December 2014)

The newest for now 2.1 version was full of new important features. It was one of the most advanced in terms of functionality expansion. We focused on making Flexmonster pivot table component more Excel-like and we added number of features as well as brought HTML5 version to the same level as Flash/Flex one (by features and performance).

v2.1 features reference:

  • Classic (not-grouped) view or Classic mode – widespread way of pivoted data presentation. Classic view helps end users see hierarchies one beside another – just like they are accustomed to in Excel;
  • Drill-through – clicking on a cell gives user an outstanding opportunity to dig deeper into data and see its constituents;
  • Editing cells for CSV data sources – lets end user change values in the grid on-the-fly;
  • Drag and drop fields on the grid – changing filters/columns/rows location on the grid without opening field list (configurator);
  • Speed up CSV parsing – updated loading algorithm.


Feel free to download the newest Flexmonster 2.1 version here.


v2.2. is expected this fall.

To be continued…