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NEW! Flexmonster 2.4 version is released

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.


You know, we have this passion for what we do. For each new release, our developers work on new improvements to make the product stand up to new trends and perspectives.

Flexmonster pivot is designed to be friendly for developers and we try to enrich the product with all required features for this. And of course, we care about the user experience our end-users have with our Pivot table.

So, this release is all about style: new handy user interface, the variety of built-in themes, new options to visualize data in the grid.

Let’s take a look at new features in more detail:

New UI design

More elegant and logic

Following the latest design trends, we created a new UI for the component. A clear interface with more intuitive controls will highly extend the touch-friendly user experience. We added more color to pivot functionality, that helps you to point out your project goals.

Redesigned pop-ups for Filter, Conditional formatting, Calculated values, Field List view – all these entirely touch-friendly navigation tools allow you to easier operate all the functionality that is offered by the component.

Besides, we made the unified look and feel: new UI design is the same for all devices. So, you’re welcome to use new stylish reports in your analytics.

New set of predefined themes for truly seamless customization

Add color to your reports

Flexmonster presents you a whole bunch of new built-in skins. We offer a wide range of colors from trendy to classic ones. So, just pick a theme, that is suitable for your web application design and use it gladly.

Moreover, for custom needs, you can create your own CSS themes according to your brand guidelines with low efforts. The new method we added in 2.4 version allows restyling the component easier. That means you are able to change the look of the component instantly by updating just one line of code.

All the details how it works and solid steps of how to use it you can find in our documentation.

New highlight options to visualize data

Customized formatting

The goals that customers want to achieve with data reporting are individual for every business. At the same time, there are common techniques helping to focus on data analysis. With new 2.4 version, we are providing new possibilities to visualize the data.

You know what is the most valuable in your data – we give you the option of how to highlight it. Our new version takes conditional formatting to the higher level by offering to style up entire columns, rows or specific cells based on conditions.

We have extended the cell rendering options so you can highlight different cells easier. You can play around with the data to find out the best ways of visualization. The process of styling certain cells, cell groups or levels is almost effortless.

Take the advantage of new highlighting features and make your reports look eloquent. In our next post, we will provide more details with some helpful use cases.

To feel the difference that you can make with your visualization with new 2.4 version, just download and try it by yourself, it’ll tell more than words. Enjoy!