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Style up your data reports: when details matter

Flexmonster Team always monitors new trends and try to be up to date. Thus, in the upcoming 2.4 version we decided to pay more attention to UI design of the component and, following the latest UI tendences, improve usability for desktop and mobile users.

So we are slightly opening the veil of a new UI design of Flexmonster Pivot table & Charts 2.4 version. Just look at it!
Updated Toolbar design: stylish controls placed in a new way and totally redesigned layout of a grid view.

The new more clear controls provide intuitive and touch friendly user experience. The 2.4 version design will be the same for all devices, as a result – unified look and feel and less inconveniences for end-users.

Commonly, end-users expect to get a report that can be nicely and clearly viewed, ready to use and share. So we also added more color to expand your data visualization abilities to highlight the business goals you need. Check out the new conditional formatting fancy pop-up view.


Appropriate data visualization in the context of the UI not only helps you to better perceive the information, but it also influences the general impression about your project in a good way. Many of our clients use pivot as a part of their product, thus we know that it should be adaptable, practical and stylish.

Take a more detailed look at the new view for a Filter pop-up.

Extended new panel for Field List view. New controls allow to work seamlessly with touch input.4

The new touch friendly navigation allows to easily operate with all functionality that is offered by the component. Take a look of how it is implemented on an example of novel Calculated values pop-up view.

In Flexmonster we truly believe that details DO matter.

You will be able to try the new 2.4 version of Flexmonster Pivot table & Charts component pretty soon.

We’ll keep in touch with the latest updates.