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This dashboard sample for healthcare data analysis shows how the pivot table can be used for real-time reporting in a dashboard view format.

Treatment Costs by Departments

With our pivot table control, you can empower any analytics application with interactive dashboards. Being a part of your BI solution, a web pivot table tool helps to reveal hidden insights in your data.

Overall Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction by Patient Status

To build a dashboard on a web page, you can add multiple instances of Flexmonster, fill them with data and create custom reports. Together, tables and charts will make up a powerful yet lightweight dashboard.

Customer Satisfaction by Average Waiting Time

Your dashboard could be improved even further with online data visualizations by 3rd party charting libraries.

Flexmonster can aggregate raw data, show it on the grid and then pass your processed data further to Highcharts, FusionCharts, Google Charts or all of them.