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Live data update

In case your data updates constantly and you want to see these changes in real time, our pivot table component gives you such an option. How it works: we use the special API method called updateData().

Flexmonster calls updateData() each time your dataset is updated. This method updates data source inside the report when other report parts, such as slice and conditions, remain the same. Thus, you don’t need to reload your report that notably accelerates data loading speed and that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?

Besides, for JSON data source you can update data partially for example when you need to add, update or remove certain records of JSON array.

Using conditional formatting you can highlight data changes for needed members/records etc. On this demo, you can see how the bid and the ask prices are changing for different exchange rates. Lowering and raising of these prices are dynamically highlighted with settled colors.

You are welcome to use dynamically updated report into your project.