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Loading CSV file

Build powerful BI solutions using our JS Pivot table with CSV data sources. It is a convenient way to display data which is exported from other sources (for instance, from Excel) or the data from the SQL database.

Connect to remote static CSV file or get the data generated by some server-side script. This is how the data from the SQL database can be passed to the pivot table. Build the report based on CSV data with the assistance of our tutorial CSV data source. Configure how your data will be interpreted inside the Web pivot table by using special prefixes for columns names. Read more in our documentation: Data types in CSV.

To gain maximum performance while working with large CSV files, use the sample .NET Core server. Our .NET Core server implements the custom data source API, thus granting you full control over the data access and processing. To learn more about connecting to CSV data source with the sample .NET Core server, refer to this guide: Connecting to CSV using the custom data source API.