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  • Introduction to Flexmonster Data Server

    This section illustrates how to connect to a data source using Flexmonster Data Server.

    Flexmonster Data Server is a special server-side tool implementing the custom data source API. It is responsible for fetching data from a data source, processing, and aggregating it. Then the data is passed to Flexmonster Pivot in a ready-to-show format. The Data Server significantly reduces the time of data loading and enables analyzing large datasets.

    The diagram below shows how Flexmonster Data Server fetches your data:

    How The diagram below shows how Flexmonster Data Server fetches your data

    Flexmonster Data Server supports the following data sources:

    • CSV and JSON files
    • MySQL databases
    • MariaDB databases
    • Microsoft SQL Server databases
    • PostgreSQL databases
    • Oracle databases
    • Microsoft Azure SQL databases

    Advantages of Flexmonster Data Server:

    • Larger datasets. Despite Flexmonster Pivot can connect to a CSV or JSON file directly, the browser’s capability limits the size of a file (on average, up to 100 MB). Flexmonster Data Server can process files more than 1 GB — the maximum file size depends on your RAM capacity and the number of unique members in the dataset.
    • Reduced browser memory usage. Loading, processing, filtering, and aggregating of the data is made on the server side, so Flexmonster gets the ready-to-show data. Thus, the data is visualized faster, and the browser's resources are used more efficiently.
    • Built-in security configurations. The Data Server allows establishing authorized access to data and managing security in a convenient way.
    • A convenient way of connecting to a database. Though there are several ways of fetching data from a database, the speed and capacity of the Data Server make it the best way to load the data from a database.
    • Cross-platform solution. Flexmonster Data Server is available for popular operating systems: Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), Ubuntu/Linux (64-bit and ARM64), and macOS (64-bit and ARM64).

    There are the following ways to use Flexmonster Data Server:

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