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  • Introduction

    What is Flexmonster Pivot?

    Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts component is an enterprise JavaScript library to visualize and analyze complex data in your web application. It works with any tech stack and data source, as well as processes large data volumes.

    Flexmonster Pivot covers Excel-like features: you can group, filter, sort, and drill through your business data, and then, export or share your report with all these configurations.

    Watch our video that provides a detailed overview of Flexmonster Pivot:

    What can I use it for? 

    As a fully customizable pivot grid, Flexmonster can be tailored to your product design and business goals. With the extensive API, you can build dynamic reports based on your users’ analytics requirements and scenarios you want. Flexmonster Pivot adds analytical value as part of any CRM, ERP, reporting system, or BI solution.

    Why choose Flexmonster?

    Flexmonster Pivot grid library perfectly handles really massive datasets: you can load more than 1GB of data and display up to 1 million rows of grouped data fast, and easily analyze this data in real-time.

    Additionally, the web component has:

    • Built-in pivot charts and compatibility with other 3rd party charting libraries.
    • Integration with all popular frameworks.
    • Support of different data sources: from JSON /CSV files to relational or NoSQL databases, Elasticsearch, SSAS, or even your custom data sources.
    • Accessibility support.
    • In-depth documentation that covers all the product functionality.
    • Regular product updates.

    How to get started with Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts?

    Start your evaluation with a 30-day free trial, no registration required. Only two steps are needed to create your pivot table report:


    Embed Flexmonster in your project

    Check out the quick-start guides below to integrate Flexmonster with a framework of your choice.


    Connect to your data source

    Follow our detailed guides to connect Flexmonster to your data.

    To choose the best data source to use with Flexmonster — follow our recommendations.

    Is data secure when using Flexmonster?

    Security is one of the main priorities for Flexmonster. No data is sent to external servers, and most operations, including the license key validation, are done on the client’s machine.

    When connecting to OLAP cubes or databases, Flexmonster offers specialized server-side tools like Flexmonster Accelerator for Microsoft Analysis Services cubes and Flexmonster Data Server. Additionally, these tools bolster data access management and security.

    Technical support

    Flexmonster Rockstar Support is what our clients value the most. From day one of your trial, you receive expert assistance directly from our developers. Our tech team is there to guide you throughout the entire integration process and address any questions you might have while using the pivot component.

    Useful resources

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