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If you are facing any problems with the embedding of the component, in your browser go to the page where the Flexmonster component should be displayed and open the browser’s console to check if you have any errors in the console. Try the following steps:

  • If you get the alert "Flexmonster: jQuery is not loaded.", check the path to jquery.min.js in your HTML page.
  • If the page is blank and you see the following error in the console: "Uncaught TypeError: $(...).flexmonster is not a function", check the path to flexmonster.js in your HTML page.
  • If you get the alert "Unable to load dependencies. Please use 'componentFolder' parameter to set the path to 'flexmonster' folder.", add componentFolder parameter to your $.flexmonster() call. Pay attention to the message "Files not found: ..." and set componentFolder to receive the correct paths to lib/jqueryui.min.js, lib/jqueryhelpers.min.js and flexmonster.css.
    <div id="pivotContainer">The component will appear here</div>
    <script src="flexmonster/lib/jquery.min.js"></script>
    <script src="flexmonster/flexmonster.js"></script>
      var pivot = $("#pivotContainer").flexmonster({
        toolbar: true,
        licenseKey: "XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX",
        // set the appropriate path
        componentFolder: "",
  • If you get the error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property '_generatePosition' of undefined" or something alike, try to update jQuery UI. Use minimum recommended version 1.9.2 or later.
  • If you get the error "Uncaught TypeError: $.parseXML is not a function" or something alike, try to update jQuery. Use minimum recommended version 1.7 or later.