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[Bug report] Using an empty string ("") as dateInvalidCaption prevents data from loading

Projet TCD asked on July 1, 2020
  • Observed behavior:
    • Pivot table is not loading
    • Browser console contains an error log:
      • Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘toString’ of undefined
  • Expected behavior:
    • Pivot table is loading correctly with empty string (“”) as a localized “dateInvalidCaption”
    • Browser console doesn’t contain any error
  • More details:
    • Following the forum post the “dateInvalidCaption” is set to “” (also happens with a string that only contains whitespaces) in the “localization” property
      • As a result, empty, “null” or invalid dates are not parsed properly
    • This bug is not occuring in Flexmonster version v2.7.11 (untested on newer versions except v2.8.10)
    • Relatively low priority bug, but it did cause quite a headache to diagnose. Obvious workaround is to set “dateInvalidCaption” to a non-empty/non-whitespace value

3 answers

Milena Pechura Milena Pechura Flexmonster July 3, 2020

Thank you for writing to us.  
We have managed to reproduce the reported behavior on our side – our team is going to investigate this further and return to you with a fix ETA Aug 10th.  
Please let us know if this works for you. 

Milena Pechura Milena Pechura Flexmonster August 11, 2020

We are pleased to inform you that the issue with empty “dateInvalidCaption” was fixed.
This is available in the 2.8.13 version of Flexmonster:
You are welcome to update the component.
Here is our updating to the latest version guide for assistance:
Please contact us in case any questions arise.
Best regards,

Milena Pechura Milena Pechura Flexmonster August 18, 2020

Our team is wondering whether the recent fix helped. Please let us know if everything works fine.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

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