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Calculated Field is missing in the measures when I get report using the getReport() function

Ravi asked on June 26, 2020
In the above sample fiddle
I created the Formula #1 as sum(“Price”) *3
Formula #2 as “Formula #1” *2
i) When I uncheck the Formula #1 then it not available in get report
ii) If I uncheck both Formula #1 and Formula #2 then I got only Formula #2 in the get report
If I use the report to build the pivot I got error like “Formula #1” uniqueName is missing

1 answer

Milena Pechura Milena Pechura Flexmonster June 30, 2020

Hello, Ravi, 
Thank you for writing to us.  
We have managed to reproduce the reported behavior on our side – our team is going to investigate this further and return to you with a fix ETA Jul 27th.  
Please let us know if this works for you. 

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