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Can't export to HTML and throws console error

Ravi asked on September 18, 2019

Hi Team,
We tried to export our sample to HTML but it throws an console error (.trim is not a function) and so, we can’t export it.
To reproduce this, we made a below fiddle. Please get it.

2 answers

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster September 18, 2019

Hello, Ravi,
Thank you for writing to us and for providing a JSFiddle example for illustration.
This helped us to understand the problem better.
Our team will provide the fix in the minor release version with the ETA 7th of October.
You are welcome to contact us in case questions arise.
Best Regards,

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster October 8, 2019

Hello, Ravi,
We are glad to inform you that the issue with exception when exporting specific conditional formatting to HTML was fixed.
This is included in the 2.7.16 version of Flexmonster: https://www.flexmonster.com/release-notes/.
You are welcome to update the component.
Here is our updating to the latest version guide for assistance: https://www.flexmonster.com/doc/updating-to-the-latest-version/ .
Please let us know if everything works fine for you.
Best Regards,

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