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Client Side Reporting Tools only

Mohd Salman asked on December 21, 2020

Hi Team flexmonster,
Can we use report builder tools for reporting purpose with angular6 plus where it should not be any kind of server side configuration for report creation
only on should be client side configuration and could be capable to editing or deleting report
because i just want to use it in case api call only and that can fulfill our below needs.
Some key requirements:
>> able to design the report in WYSIWYG
>> able to easily data bind with our models
>> able to download as PDF (similar to our previous material transfer report)
>> able to download as Excel (ideally support grouping and pivot tables)

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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster December 22, 2020

Thank you for your interest in Flexmonster.
Flexmonster is a client-side web component that can be easily integrated with the desired Frontend Framework, including Angular.
Please see our Angular integration tutorial for guidance:
Our team would like to confirm that you can configure Flexmonster reports fully on the client-side. 
Flexmonster provides the possibility to provide a default report configuration (please see:
Also, Flexmonster provides a default set of report configuration tools via the Toolbar, making it easy to edit the report through the UI.
You are welcome to explore our demos on our website:
Flexmonster offers a wide range of customization options and data visualization.
Besides serving as a grid and pivot table for displaying and analyzing both aggregated and raw data, it also provides a set of built-in charts for additional data analysis visualization.
Aside from the configuration options available through the UI, Flexmonster provides a list of API calls and events that can be used to further customize the component:
Regarding the key requirements you mentioned, please see our answers below:

  1. Design the report in WYSIWYG:

    Being a JavaScript library, Flexmonster should work fine wherever JavaScript can be run.

  2. Easily data bind with our models:
    Flexmonster is shipped as a JavaScript library, and you can embed it into your application and feed the data to it.
    This provides flexibility in customizations and data source choice.
    Please see the following guides for more details:
    Could you please specify your data source type?
  3. Download as PDF (similar to our previous material transfer report):

    Yes, Flexmonster reports can be exported to PDF.

  4. Download as Excel (ideally support grouping and pivot tables):
    Flexmonster provides the possibility to export reports to Excel. 
    However, we would like to kindly explain that exporting to Excel pivot table is not implemented at the moment.

Please let us know if this helps. If any additional questions arise, please feel free to reach out.
Looking forward to your response.
Kind regards, 

Mohd Salman December 24, 2020

Hi Vera Didenko,
Thank you for your quick response and as per provided features by flexmonster our requirements are matching as well  but I would request you to providing some demo link for designing the report in WYSIWYG that link you have not mention above for the same. If it is suitable as per our needs then I will get back to you.
Thanks & Regards
Mohd Salman

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster December 24, 2020

Hello, Mohd Salman,
Thank you for your reply. 
There are several WYSIWYG systems available that provide their own services. However, a WYSIWYG system should provide the possibility to add and edit HTML/JavaScript content. 
With this in mind, being a JavaScript library, Flexmonster can be embedded in such systems. Please see our quick start guide for more details on how to embed Flexmonster in a webpage.
Moreover, one instance of Flexmonster can be used to create, view, and edit different data visualizations through Flexmonster’s built-in UI tools without editing the underlying code (JavaScript, HTML). This means, depending on your use case, you could embed Flexmonster once and then create multiple data visualizations without changing the code. 
Could you please let us know if there is a specific WYSIWYG system that you are referring to? 
If any questions remain, please feel free to reach out – we would be happy to help.
Kind regards, 

Mohd Salman December 25, 2020

Hi Vera Didenko,
Thank you for your great response and I would ask you about specific WYSIWYG system so as per our needs we have mentioned below our basic requirements.

Supportable features of WYSIWYG 

  • We have image and html content that I want to edit and delete it at client side only.
  • After editing either image file or html content it should be save as well.
  • We have requirement for WYSIWYG  editor as your comment box is  where it has to be  all the feature to editing the html content.

     Example :- Bold,italic,numbered list,insert editlink etc.

  • But we want some feature for image file too in WYSIWYG editor.

    Example:- We have image file at html page  that I want to crop,edit,remove and wants to                                 change the background etc.
If these features are supportable then kindly send me some link for demo purpose for the  same if it is possible.
   Thanks & Regards
    Mohd Salman

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster December 28, 2020

Hello, Mohd Salman, 
Thank you for your reply. 
Our team would like to kindly explain that Flexmonster is a pivot table web component. We don’t provide WYSIWYG editor systems for our component. Instead, Flexmonster provides a pivot table and charts component for data analysis and visualization. 
Please kindly consider that Flexmonster can be integrated into your application. As explained in our previous reply, you can integrate Flexmonster into an existing WYSIWYG system, for example, WordPress, to add a data analysis and report visualization feature to your application.
Using such an approach, you could create reports using WYSIWYG features together with Flexmonster.
We would like to emphasize that with Flexmonster, you could create various pivot table and chart visualizations during runtime without having to update the code. This can be achieved with built-in Flexmonster UI features and Toolbar tools. Please see our user interface guide for more details:
Please let us know if any questions arise – we would be happy to help.
Kind regards, 

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