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    This section contains guides that describe how to configure the component.

    Flexmonster’s configurations are stored in the report. Check out its structure in the API reference: ReportObject.

    What you can do with the report:

    • Save it to any storage (e.g., database, server, or local machine).
    • Load a report to restore previously saved configurations.
    • Add custom logic of interacting with reports. 

    Let’s create your first report! To configure the simplest report, follow this walkthrough: Getting started with the report.

    For more details on configuring the report, see the guides below. You’ll learn how to:

    Configure the data source

    Connect to your data and manage how the fields are presented in Flexmonster.

    Define which data to show

    Show the needed data on the grid, sort it, and create custom values.

    Manage Flexmonster’s functionality

    Configure component options for the current report or for all reports at once.

    Filter data

    Apply filters to show only the data you need.

    Learn about filters available in Flexmonster.

    Format fields

    Format your data and highlight values based on a certain condition.