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Create Flexmonster Object Dynamically.

KIMYEONGSEOK asked on November 5, 2018

I am having some trouble with creating Flexmonster Object dynamically. 
this is how it goes, 

  1. Java Application runs phantomjs command line to execute a script written in phantomjs library
  2. the phantomjs script opens a page (index.html)
  3. repeatedly create Flexmonster Object with passed in arguments from java application

the problem is the index.html cannot receive the post data from request
or the phantomjs itself cannot include the flexmonster.js directly and references the built-in library sources.

1 answer

Dmytro Zvazhii Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster November 6, 2018

Thank you for your question. Please try our PhantomJS example: It also uses PHP to store Flexmonster’s reports on the server side without user’s interaction.
Please let us know if the suggested example was helpful for you.

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