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Create pivot problem Angular 5

Namig Abdukarimov asked on April 9, 2019

How can I use this example in Angular 5? When we do the same, we see this error: Unable to create the component. DOM element with id ‘pivot-container’ is not found.

import * as Flexmonster from 'flexmonster';
import {FlexmonsterPivot} from 'ng-flexmonster';

pivotReport = new Flexmonster({
container: 'pivot-container',
licenseKey: 'Z703-X99A0P-202Y3C-1U2X1U',
width: '100%',
height: 500,
toolbar: true,
beforetoolbarcreated: this.customizeToolbar,
reportcomplete: this.onReportComplete,
report: {
dataSource: {
dataSourceType: 'json',
filename: '/reports/flexmonster-data.json'
options: {
datePattern: 'DD/MM/YYYY'
slice: {
rows: [
{uniqueName: 'Destination'}
columns: [
{uniqueName: 'Category'}
measures: [
{uniqueName: 'Price', aggregation: 'sum'}
global: {
localization: '../reports/flexmonster-localizations/' + this.culture + '.json'

<div id="pivot-container"></div>

3 answers

Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster April 9, 2019

Hello, Namig,

Thank you for your interest in Flexmonster Pivot.

For integration with Angular, we suggest using the fm-pivot directive. Please follow a detailed tutorial and examples in our documentation: https://www.flexmonster.com/doc/integration-with-angular/.

Hope it helps.


Namig Abdukarimov April 9, 2019

Thank you very much. Please respond to my other question. It is very important for us

Namig Abdukarimov April 9, 2019

I was resolve this problem

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