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Date Formatting Problem: CSV, Compressor, DatePattern

John W asked on August 17, 2018

I’m using CSV data with the Compressor, and have specified “datePattern”: “GMT-7:MM/dd/yyyy” in the “options” section.  The date is specified as “ds+” in the CSV file.  The date displayed in the grid is still one day prior to the actual date contained in the CSV file.
If I change the date specification to “dt+” in the CSV file, and use “dateTimePattern”: “GMT-7:MM/dd/yyyy” in the “options” section, the date is displayed correctly in the grid.
I think there is a bug when using “ds+”.

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Dmytro Zvazhii Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster August 20, 2018

Hello John W,
We have checked the pivot with OCSV data with “ds+” and pre-set datePattern. Everything works as expected. Could you please specify what Compressor you are using? Is it Java, or maybe .Net? Also, we recommend you updating to the latest version so we can be on the same page ( Could you please also provide us with the sample data source for the tests? It will help us a lot in our investigation.
Waiting to hear from you.

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