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Do we have designer and Viewer screen kind of option in flexmonster

lata asked on November 17, 2022

Do we have an option in flexmonster report like designer and viewer screen, where i can  first time Viewer screen loads and  i should have an option to click on Designer button by clicking on it i can navigate to designer screen to modify the reports.

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Maksym Diachenko Maksym Diachenko Flexmonster November 18, 2022


Thank you for your question.

Flexmonster provides the functionality allowing customizing the report via UI and restricting access to some features. However, our component does not have any logic for authorization, and this step should be done separately. Our team will describe some of the features that can be used for different roles.

Designer Mode
By default, Flexmonster provides UI controls to configure and edit reports: for example, through the context menu, grid and chart controls such as filters and sorting, etc. In addition, something similar to the designer view functionality is available in the Toolbar. Each Toolbar tab opens a separate pop-up window responsible for different parts of report customization. See the description of each tab's functionality in our user interface guide. To enable the toolbar, specify the toolbar: true parameter inside the Flexmonster constructor.

Viewer Mode
You can implement the viewer's mode by using the readOnly: true option - which disables all grid and chart interactions. To disable the toolbar as well, set the toolbar: false property inside the Flexmonster constructor.
You are welcome to check the example where the readOnly option and the Toolbar visibility are controlled:

Besides using the readOnly option and hiding the toolbar, there are multiple configurations of OptionsObject, restricting access to some of the features. Here are the options you can use instead of the readOnly option to disable specific features and achieve the desired read-only level:

  • configuratorButton: false - disables the Fields List
  • sorting: false - disables the sorting feature
  • drillThrough: false - disables the drill through
  • showAggregations: false - removes aggregation selection for measures 
  • grid.showFilter: false - disables filtering
  • grid.showReportFiltersArea - hides all report filters
  • grid.dragging: false disable dragging of columns/rows

You can also customize the contextual menu, opened by right click:

Check out the following example, which uses multiple options to disable part of the features:
You could also have a button for switching between the Designer and Viewer modes:

Please let us know if the described functionality works for your case.

Best Regards,

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