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Error en Conexion de Flexmonster con analisys Service

Alberto asked on May 18, 2023

Estamos tratando de conectarnos desde flexmonster a analisys Service, a traves de la conexion por el dll, también intentamos utilizando el puerto levantado por flexmonster segunda imagen
Se adjunta el error en las 2 imagenes
favor su ayuda

1 answer

Maksym Diachenko Maksym Diachenko Flexmonster May 19, 2023

Hello, Alberto!

Thank you for writing to us.

From the provided screenshots, it seems that you were trying to connect both via XMLA and using the Accelerator. We are unable to detect the exact reason for the errors in the attached images, but we suggest considering the following points:

  • Check the value of dataSource.binary property, which flags whether the Accelerator (true) or XMLA (false) is used for connecting to the cube
  • Please ensure that HTTPS is supported by the server where the cube and the Accelerator are hosted. If you want to use HTTPS protocol, you should also set the HTTPS property as true in the Accelerator's configuration. 
  • The dataSource.proxyUrl's prefix should match the endpoint provided by Flexmonster Accelerator. For example, if HTTP is disabled, the proxyUrl should start with http:// prefix.

Please let us know if these suggestions helped you.

Best Regards,

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