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Error with hierarchical fields

Ilaria asked on November 15, 2023

I have a blocking error while filtering the pivot having expanded a hierarchical field (solution to reproduce the issue attached).
The same error rises after calling 'UpdateData' or after changing something in the field popup.
To reproduce the error: expand 2021-M12, then filter by Area '*'
Note: i didn't implemented in the sample the UpdateData call but the error is the same. The issue seems to be related to the selected hierarchy: the hierarchy is Year/Month/Week but the selected level is Month. If I select the whole hierarchy the issue is not present.
It's a critical issue, please let me know.


1 answer

Nadia Khodakivska Nadia Khodakivska Flexmonster November 16, 2023

Hello Ilaria,

Thank you for reporting the issue and providing the detailed information.

We were able to reproduce the described behavior on our side. Our team will research the possible solutions for this issue and provide you with results ETA December 11th.

You are welcome to contact us in case other questions arise.

Kind regards,

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