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Export PDF in IE 11 there are errors

Yordanka Ilieva asked on May 19, 2020

I try to export PDF in IE11, but there is a javascript error “Export PDF error: TypeError: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘splitTextToSize'”. I updated flexmonster to 2.8.7. Can you help me to fix this error and to make IE11 export?

Thank you


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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster May 20, 2020

Hello, Yordanka,
Thank you for writing to us. 
We have not managed to reproduce the issue on our demo using Internet Explorer 11 (version 11.836.18362.0) and the latest version of Flexmonster 2.8.7.
Could you please provide more details and steps on how to reproduce the issue?
Looking forward to your response.
Kind regards,

Yordanka Ilieva May 20, 2020

I debug the code and find where is the difference in my implementation and yours. 
I use RequireJS and in promise.min.js I see that goes on define(“promise”, n)  parts. 
After that my “Promise” stile is undefined and when load jspdf.min.js throw an exception “‘Promise’ is undefined”

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster May 22, 2020

Hello, Yordanka,
Thank you for your reply and for providing further details. 
We have managed to reproduce the issue in Internet Explorer 11 using our requireJS sample on GitHub:
Our team will investigate this problem further and we will provide the results of our research with the ETA 16th of June.
Please let us know if this would work for you.
If any additional questions arise, please feel free to reach out.
Kind regards, 

Mykhailo Halaida Mykhailo Halaida Flexmonster June 16, 2020

Hi Yordanka,
We are glad to announce that “Promise is undefined” exception is fixed when using IE11 and RequireJS. Please note that with IE11 it is now necessary to use the ES5 build contained in the flexmonster.es5.js file (flexmonster.es5.full.js if using npm).
This is included in the 2.8.9 version of Flexmonster:
You are welcome to update the component. Here is our updating to the latest version tutorial for guidance: 
Please let us know if everything works fine for you.
Best regards,

Mykhailo Halaida Mykhailo Halaida Flexmonster June 23, 2020

Hi Yordanka,
Hope you’re doing well!
We were wondering if you’ve had a chance to check out the latest v2.8.9 release. Was the previously discussed issue fixed on your side? 
We would be happy to hear your feedback.

Mykhailo Halaida Mykhailo Halaida Flexmonster July 1, 2020

Hi Yordanka,
How are you?
We are just checking in to ask whether you’ve received our previous response. Was our fix helpful, or do you still have anything you would like to discuss?
Please let us know what you think.
Kind regards,

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