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FlexMonster upgrade

Thien Duong asked on March 6, 2023

Good morning, we just recently upgrade to flexmonster 2.9.45, but this message pops up on every pivot table after the upgrade.

3 answers

Tetiana Lebiga Tetiana Lebiga Flexmonster March 7, 2023

Hello Thien,

Thank you for reaching out.
We have provided the answer via email.

Kind regards,

Thien Duong March 8, 2023

Hi Tetiana, thank you for your answer. 
I have received the license key via email, from my understanding, the key I received is a production key. I do have several questions that need some clarification:
1/ Would you be able to provide us the development license key? We're trying to avoid using production key in our development environment.
2/ If this is a production key, wouldn't this key be tied to our domain name according to this documentation (Types of license keys • Flexmonster)? We're still able to use it for different environments with different domains. 
Thank you,
Thien D.

Tetiana Lebiga Tetiana Lebiga Flexmonster March 24, 2023

This ticket was resolved via email.

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