Formula references a non-existing field in Flexmonster 2.7

this is (apparently?) new in Flexmonster 2.7 which we are just trying out. When a formula is referencing a non-existing field, we get the following error (see attached screenshot). What is the best way out of this? Do we have to edit each of the pivot JSONs programmatically? We are storing hundreds of these in our database. With our current deadline we simply need the warning not to show up to the user, the formula itself is not a priority now as it is not currently being used.

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Vesa Tähkävuori April 2, 2019

Here’s a closer look at the field “Closing price” that does not exist in all of the pivots.

Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster April 2, 2019

Hello, Vesa,

Thank you for writing to us.

We would like to inform you that the component shows the warning message for unexisting uniqueName in formulas starting from version 2.6.9. Our development team can add an option which will hide this warning from the user. This feature can be added on April the 22nd. Would that work for you?

Waiting for your reply.


Vesa Tähkävuori April 3, 2019

Hi Tanya,
we will use another solution at this time, but it’s probably a good feature to add. Thanks.

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