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December 2018 (v. 2.6.9)

NEW Now the row height can be set via CSS.

NEW New showLegend property was added to chart options. It indicates whether the legend is visible (true) or not (false) for the charts. Default value: true.

FIX clear() API call was improved to cancel OCSV data loading.

FIX The possible conflict of the d3.js version used in Flexmonster and another d3.js version used in the project where Flexmonster is embedded was resolved.

FIX Y-axis titles positioning was improved on charts.

FIX L flag in dateTimePattern, timePattern and datePattern was fixed. It is used to format milliseconds as a two digit number (rounded, if needed).

FIX The CSV formula injection for the Excel export was disabled.

FIX The issue with putting wrong field’s uniqueName in calculated measure formula was fixed. Now the component shows the warning message for unexisting uniqueName.

FIX The issue with printing many rows was fixed.

FIX The issue with the calculation of standard deviation aggregation for single value was fixed.

FIX The issue with showing the context menu in Edge and IE was fixed.