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Full list of supported operators for Calculated Values Formula

steve asked on January 10, 2019

I am looking for a full list of operators and functions supported by the Calculated Values Formula:
The list shown in the doc seems somewhat incomplete because in the example fiddles, the logical operator ‘and’ is used. I’m just wondering what else, beyond what is listed in the doc, will work.
Thank you!

1 answer

Ian Sadovy Flexmonster January 10, 2019

Hello Steve,
Thank you for the question.
Here is the list of all supported operators in formula:

  • + – arithmetic addition operator. Syntax: a + b
  • - – arithmetic subtraction operator. Syntax: a - b
  • * – arithmetic multiplication operator. Syntax: a * b
  • / – arithmetic division operator. Syntax: a / b
  • ^ – arithmetic power operator. Syntax: a^2
  • < – comparison less operator. Syntax: a < b
  • <= – comparison less or equal operator. Syntax: a <= b
  • > – comparison greater operator. Syntax: a > b
  • >= – comparison greater or equal operator. Syntax: a >= b
  • == – comparison equal operator. Syntax: a == b
  • != – comparison not equal operator. Syntax: a != b
  • or – logical OR operator. Syntax: a or b
  • and – logical AND operator. Syntax: a and b
  • if – conditional operator. Syntax: if(condition, then, else)
  • abs – function that returns the absolute value of a number. Syntax: abs(number)
  • min – function that returns the minimum value. Syntax: min(number1, number2)
  • max – function that returns the maximum value. Syntax: max(number1, number2)
  • isnan – function that checks if the value is not a number. Syntax: isnan(value)
  • !isnan – function that checks if the value is a number. Syntax: !isnan(value)

Hope it helps.

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