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Where can I found documentation about how can customize the web page with the container flexmonster ??

guest asked on September 6, 2015

In fact I need to eliminate the connect, open and save from the toolbar, also eliminate the fields. ( I dont want that the user can change anything)

The other thing that I want to do is to show in the same page the information and the chart, with the possibility of change the chart type.

1 answer

Antonina Krus Flexmonster September 7, 2015

1. Eliminate the connect, open and save from the toolbar.
You need to comment or remove the necessary piece of code from flexmonster.toolbar.js file:
// Connect tab
dataProvider.push({ title: Labels.CONNECT, id: “fm-tab-connect”,
menu: [
{ title: Labels.CONNECT_LOCAL_CSV, id: “fm-tab-connect-local-csv”, handler:    “connectLocalCSVHandler”, mobile: false },
{ title: Labels.CONNECT_LOCAL_OCSV, id: “fm-tab-connect-local-ocsv”, handler: “connectLocalOCSVHandler”, mobile: false },
{ title: isMobile ? Labels.CONNECT_REMOTE_CSV_MOBILE : Labels.CONNECT_REMOTE_CSV, id: “fm-tab-connect-remote-csv”, handler: “connectRemoteCSV” },
{ title: isMobile ? Labels.CONNECT_OLAP_MOBILE : Labels.CONNECT_OLAP, id: “fm-tab-connect-olap”, handler: “connectOLAP”, flat: false }

// Open tab
dataProvider.push({ title: Labels.OPEN, id: “fm-tab-open”,
menu: [
{ title: Labels.LOCAL_REPORT, id: “fm-tab-open-local-report”, handler: “openLocalReport”, mobile: false },
{ title: isMobile ? Labels.REMOTE_REPORT_MOBILE : Labels.REMOTE_REPORT, id: “fm-tab-open-remote-report”, handler: “openRemoteReport” }

// Save tab
dataProvider.push({ title: Labels.SAVE, id: “fm-tab-save”, handler: “saveHandler”, mobile: false });
dataProvider.push({ divider: true });

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