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How can I show only some fields programatically ?

Ganesh Modak asked on May 9, 2018

Hi Team,
I have four columns (fields) in my csv data source, out of that I want to show only two
fields when the report is loaded.
How can I do that programatically ?

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Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster May 9, 2018

Hello, Ganesh,
Thank you for posting your question!
When you create report object, you can specify slice sub-object, defining which hierarchies are shown on the grid, filtration, sorting, etc. Please have a look at this JSFiddle: Here data.csv contains 9 columns and only 3 of them are shown on the grid. The most convenient way to configure slice is via Field List (arrow sign in the upper right corner). Then you can save the report by clicking Save button in Toolbar and use this report with the configured slice.
For more information about slice refer to our docs: Slice Object
Please let me know if the above information was helpful.

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