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How to connect Amazon Redshift to Angular Flexmonster

Harsha asked on July 17, 2020

I have a requirment to connect flexmonster with Amazon Redshift datasource. Some demo or detailed steps to follow to do this will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Mykhailo Halaida Mykhailo Halaida Flexmonster July 20, 2020

Hi Harsha,
Thank you for writing to us.
While Flexmonster does not provide a native connector for Amazon Redshift, we do offer a universal tool for connecting to data sources of your choosing – it is called Flexmonster Data Server. Data Server is an implementation of the custom data source API – our custom communication protocol which allows you to retrieve already aggregated data from the server and pass it to the Flexmonster pivot table. At the core of this approach lies the idea of assigning the heavy lifting of fetching, processing and aggregating the data to the server, after which only the necessary parts of the data are transferred to the client-side. 
One of the Data Server’s benefits is that it can be referred to as a DLL, allowing you to customize and adjust it to your needs. This includes the possibility to set up a custom data parser, ultimately allowing you to connect Flexmonster to your Amazon Redshift instance. More info on custom parser can be found by the corresponding documentation page
As a much simpler alternative, you can also export your Redshift data to CSV and then pass the resulting file to Flexmonster – Flexmonster provides an out-of-the-box connection for CSV files, requiring minimum work from your side.
We hope we’ve managed to answer your question in full – please let us know if there is still anything we can clarify or help you with.
Best regards,

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