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How to hide the total column

Pranav Chitanand asked on March 2, 2023

I want to hide the Total column. I have tried setting the prop as showTotals as off. But it hides only the values and not the total column.
Please let me know how we can hide the total column.
JsFiddle for your reference -


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Solomiia Andrusiv Solomiia Andrusiv Flexmonster March 2, 2023

Hello, Pranav!
Thank you for contacting us.
Kindly note that when the '[Measures]' are in the first place of the Columns array, Flexmonster shows the Totals column, which is empty when totals are switched off.
As a possible solution, we want to suggest different visualization when the '[Measures]' are the last element of the columns array as follows:

columns: [{
        uniqueName: "Color"
        uniqueName: '[Measures]'

We have modified the provided JSFiddle to show the described approach:
Hope you will find our answer helpful.
Feel free to contact us in case of any other questions.

Pranav Chitanand March 3, 2023

Hello Solomiia,
Thank you for the response. The solution proposed does not fit the business requirement.
The business need is to compare "Discount" metric for various "Colors" and "Price" metric for various "Colors". This enables the business to view metric differences across colors in one-go. The empty column created because of the "Total" is unexplainable and not presentable to business leadership.

Need to address this empty column issue for us to meet our client needs. 

Maksym Diachenko Maksym Diachenko Flexmonster March 3, 2023

Hello, Pranav!

Thank you for your reply.
We have added hiding the total column with '[Measures]' above other columns to our customer wishlist. Our team will notify you if there are any updates regarding the feature. 
Feel free to contact us if any other questions arise.

Best Regards,

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