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how to make datasource call to mandatorily take requestheader or do not consider the calls to datasource which are failed

prathmesh asked on October 10, 2019

          filename: this.configjsonservice.baseURL + “/optiq/reportdesigner/” + frmdate + “/” + todate + “/” + tablename + “/reportdesignerdata”,
          requestHeader:{ ‘Authorization’:’bearer ‘+localStorage.getItem(‘accessToken’) ,”Content-Type”: “application/json”}

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Ian Sadovy Flexmonster October 11, 2019

Hello Prathmesh,
Thank you for the question.
Currently, the following API calls support requestHeaders for the data source: connectTo() / updateData() / setReport().
So, in case you need to use request headers for all requests, you have to use the above methods. 
Please note that getReport() and save() do not expose request headers.
Hope it was helpful.

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