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How to return Reports with more than 500k records in sql.

Mauricio Hernandez asked on August 20, 2020

Good morning, I have a flexmonster pivot integrated with a c # application, which loads the data dynamically from the result of a stored procedure that returns more than 500k, to display the information in the pivot I use the flexmonster.load () method using jquery and javascript, where I return a string in json format serializing an IEnumerable with the stored result, but the application is included by throwing a System.OutOfMemoryException exception; my question is if there is a way that i can optimize the return of information from a stored to the pivot dynamically, as i have logic in my c # application that i cannot change.
thank you very much.
Best regards.

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Illia Yatsyshyn Illia Yatsyshyn Flexmonster August 21, 2020

Thank you for writing to us.
We assume the problem you are facing is due to the fact that the server is not able to handle the processing of such a large data set. As an alternative, we suggest using Flexmonster Data Server. The Data Server is a special server-side tool responsible for fetching data from a data source, processing, and aggregating it. Then the data is passed to Flexmonster Pivot in a ready-to-show format. The Data Server significantly reduces the time of data loading and enables analyzing large datasets.
Flexmonster Data Server supports connection to popular databases and CSV/JSON files.
The main advantage of the Data Server for your case is the fact that instead of the whole data set, only the data needed to be displayed will be serialized and passed to the client-side. It allows significantly reducing the load both on the server-side (no need to serialize the whole data set each time the client requests the data) and on the client-side (only required data is loaded and stored in the RAM instead of the whole data set).
We suggest referring to our documentation dedicated to the Data Server. You will find detailed information about the tool and the step-by-step guide on installation and using Flexmonster Data Server.
Also, we want to notice that the Data Server is available as a DLL that may be the most suitable option for your case.
In case more flexible logic of the server-side tool is required, we suggest taking a look into our custom data source API feature. The custom data source API is a communication protocol that serves as a core of the Data Server mentioned earlier. It means it is possible to implement your own realization of the custom data source API that would be developed especially for your needs.
To provide you with illustrative examples, we developed two ready-to-check Node.js and .NET Core servers.
Note that these are only the samples, and the implemented logic of data processing may differ from what you need. You can use them as a core for building a custom connector.
Please let us know if it works for you.
Do not hesitate to contact us in case further assistance is needed.
Kind regards,

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