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How to use Methods by using vue-flexmonster

moai asked on January 31, 2020

I’m using vue-flexmonster with local registration.
How can I use Methods on this page?

1 answer

Vera Didenko Flexmonster January 31, 2020

Thank you for writing to us. 
The Flexmonster API calls can be used the following way:  

  1. Create a reference to the Flexmonster instance: 

    Please see line 5 in our sample on GitHub for reference.

  2. Now the Flexmonster API calls can be accessed through the reference.
    For example, the alert() method can be called the following way:
    title: "Flexmonster Pivot Table and Charts", 
    message: "Welcome!", 
    type: "info", 
    blocking: false 

    Please see line 110 in our sample on GitHub for reference.

Also, we kindly recommend checking out our sample Vue CLI project on GitHub.
Please let us know if this helps.
Kind regards, 

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