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  1. API reference
    1. Introduction
    2. Flexmonster()
  2. Objects
    1. All objects
    2. Report Object
    3. Data Source Object
    4. Mapping Object
    5. Slice Object
    6. Options Object
    7. Global Object
    8. Filtering
      1. Filter Object
      2. Number Query Object
      3. String Query Object
      4. Date Query Object
      5. Time Query Object
      6. Value Query Object
    9. Format Object
    10. Conditional Format Object
    11. Table Sizes Object
    12. Cell Data Object
    13. Chart Data Object
    14. Toolbar Object
    15. Chart Legend Data Object
    16. Share Report Connection Object
  3. Methods
    1. All methods
    2. addCalculatedMeasure
    3. addCondition
    4. alert
    5. clear
    6. clearFilter
    7. clearXMLACache
    8. closeFieldsList
    9. collapseAllData
    10. collapseCell
    11. collapseData
    12. connectTo
    13. customizeAPIRequest
    14. customizeCell
    15. customizeChartElement
    16. customizeContextMenu
    17. dispose
    18. drillDownCell
    19. drillUpCell
    20. expandAllData
    21. expandCell
    22. expandData
    23. exportTo
    24. getAllConditions
    25. getAllHierarchies
    26. getAllHierarchiesAsync
    27. getAllMeasures
    28. getAllMeasuresAsync
    29. getCell
    30. getColumns
    31. getColumnsAsync
    32. getCondition
    33. getFilter
    34. getFlatSort
    35. getFormat
    36. getMeasures
    37. getMeasuresAsync
    38. getMembers
    39. getMembersAsync
    40. getOptions
    41. getReport
    42. getReportFilters
    43. getReportFiltersAsync
    44. getRows
    45. getRowsAsync
    46. getSelectedCell
    47. getSort
    48. getTableSizes
    49. getXMLACatalogs
    50. getXMLACatalogsAsync
    51. getXMLACubes
    52. getXMLACubesAsync
    53. getXMLADataSources
    54. getXMLADataSourcesAsync
    55. getXMLAProviderName
    56. getXMLAProviderNameAsync
    57. load
    58. off
    59. on
    60. open
    61. openCalculatedValueEditor
    62. openFieldsList
    63. openFilter
    64. print
    65. refresh
    66. removeAllCalculatedMeasures
    67. removeAllConditions
    68. removeCalculatedMeasure
    69. removeCondition
    70. removeSelection
    71. runQuery
    72. save
    73. scrollToColumn
    74. scrollToRow
    75. setFilter
    76. setFlatSort
    77. setFormat
    78. setOptions
    79. setReport
    80. setSort
    81. setTableSizes
    82. shareReport
    83. showCharts
    84. showGrid
    85. showGridAndCharts
    86. sortingMethod
    87. sortValues
    88. updateData
  4. Events
    1. All events
    2. afterchartdraw
    3. aftergriddraw
    4. beforegriddraw
    5. beforetoolbarcreated
    6. cellclick
    7. celldoubleclick
    8. chartclick
    9. datachanged
    10. dataerror
    11. datafilecancelled
    12. dataloaded
    13. drillthroughclose
    14. drillthroughopen
    15. exportcomplete
    16. exportstart
    17. fieldslistclose
    18. fieldslistopen
    19. filterclose
    20. filteropen
    21. loadingdata
    22. loadinglocalization
    23. loadingolapstructure
    24. loadingreportfile
    25. localizationerror
    26. localizationloaded
    27. olapstructureerror
    28. olapstructureloaded
    29. openingreportfile
    30. printcomplete
    31. printstart
    32. querycomplete
    33. queryerror
    34. ready
    35. reportchange
    36. reportcomplete
    37. reportfilecancelled
    38. reportfileerror
    39. runningquery
    40. unauthorizederror
    41. update
  5. Custom data source API
    1. All requests
    2. /handshake request
    3. /fields request
    4. /members request
    5. /select request for the pivot table
    6. /select request for the flat table
    7. /select request for the drill-through view
    8. Field Object
    9. Filter Object
    10. Filter Group Object
  6. MongoDB Connector API
    1. All methods
    2. getSchema
    3. getMembers
    4. getSelectResult
  7. Flexmonster Connector for amCharts
    1. All methods
    2. amcharts.getData
    3. amcharts.getCategoryName
    4. amcharts.getMeasureNameByIndex
    5. amcharts.getNumberOfMeasures
    6. amcharts.getNumberFormatPattern
Table of contents

All methods

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component offers plenty of methods. All of them are available through the reference to each component instance created by new Flexmonster() API call.

List of API calls:

addCalculatedMeasure adds calculated measure
addCondition adds a conditional formatting rule
alert shows an alert pop-up window with a custom message
clear clears the component’s data and view
clearFilter clears the filter applied previously to the specified hierarchy
clearXMLACache requests Microsoft Analysis Services to clear the cache
closeFieldsList closes the Field List
collapseAllData collapses all nodes and drills up all levels of all hierarchies
collapseCell collapses a specific node on the grid and charts
collapseData collapses all nodes of the specified hierarchy
connectTo connects to the data source without cleaning the report
customizeAPIRequest allows customizing the request before it is sent to a server
customizeCell allows customizing of separate cells
customizeChartElement allows customizing separate chart elements in Flexmonster Charts
customizeContextMenu allows customizing context menu
dispose prepares the pivot table instance to be deleted with the browser’s garbage collection
drillDownCell drills down a specific hierarchy level on the grid and charts
drillUpCell drills up a specific hierarchy level on the grid and charts
expandAllData expands all nodes and drills down all levels of all hierarchies
expandCell expands a specific node on the grid and charts
expandData expands all nodes of the specified hierarchy
exportTo exports grid or chart to CSV, HTML, PDF, Image or Excel format
getAllConditions returns a list of conditional formatting rules of the report
getAllHierarchies returns a list of all available hierarchies
getAllHierarchiesAsync the async equivalent of getAllHierarchies
getAllMeasures returns a list of all available measures
getAllMeasuresAsync the async equivalent of getAllMeasures
getCell returns information about cell by row and column indexes
getColumns returns a list of hierarchies selected in the report slice for columns
getColumnsAsync the async equivalent of getColumns
getCondition returns a conditional formatting rule by id
getFilter returns the filtered members for the specified hierarchy
getFlatSort returns an array of objects defining the sorting on the flat grid
getFormat returns Format Object of a default number format or the number format for the specified measure
getMeasures returns a list of the selected measures in the report
getMeasuresAsync the async equivalent of getMeasures
getMembers returns a list of members for the specified hierarchy
getMembersAsync the async equivalent of getMembers
getOptions returns Options Object with component’s options
getReportFilters returns a list of hierarchies selected in the report slice for Report Filters
getReportFiltersAsync the async equivalent of getReportFilters
getReport returns Report Object which describes the current report
getRows returns a list of hierarchies selected in the report slice for rows
getRowsAsync the async equivalent of getRows
getSelectedCell returns information about selected cell
getSort returns the sort type which is applied to the hierarchy
getTableSizes returns table sizes that are set for the component
getXMLACatalogs obtains a list of all available catalogs on a given data source
getXMLACatalogsAsync the async equivalent of getXMLACatalogs
getXMLACubes obtains a list of all available cubes on a given data source
getXMLACubesAsync the async equivalent of getXMLACubes
getXMLADataSources obtains a list of all data sources by given URL for XMLA connect
getXMLADataSourcesAsync the async equivalent of getXMLADataSources
getXMLAProviderName returns dataSourceType for given proxyUrl
getXMLAProviderNameAsync the async equivalent of getXMLAProviderName
load loads report JSON file from the specified URL
off removes JS handlers for specified event
on sets a JS function for the specified event
open opens local report file
openCalculatedValueEditor opens the calculated value pop-up window editor
openFieldsList opens the Field List
openFilter opens the filter pop-up window for the specified hierarchy
print prints the content of the grid or chart via OS print manager
refresh redraws the component
removeAllCalculatedMeasures removes all calculated measures
removeAllConditions removes all conditional formatting rules
removeCalculatedMeasure removes the calculated measure by measure unique name
removeCondition removes the conditional formatting rule by id
removeSelection removes a selection from cells on the grid
runQuery runs a query with specified rows, columns, measures and reportFilters from Slice Object and displays the result data
save saves your current report to a specified location
scrollToColumn scrolls the grid to the specified column
scrollToRow scrolls the grid to the specified row
setFilter sets the filter for the specified hierarchy
setFlatSort sets the flat table multi-column sorting
setFormat sets a default number format or the number format for the specified measure
setOptions sets the component’s options
setReport sets a report to be displayed in the component
setSort sets the sort type to the specified hierarchy
setTableSizes sets table sizes for the component
showCharts switches to the charts view and shows the chart of the specified type
showGrid switches to the grid view
showGridAndCharts switches to the grid and charts view and shows the chart of the specified type
sortingMethod sets custom sorting for hierarchy members
sortValues sorts values in a specific row or column in the pivot table
updateData updates data for the report without cleaning the report