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infinte loop for flexmonster.on reportcomplete

sabby asked on September 6, 2017

<FlexmonsterReact.Pivot id=”pivot-container” ref =”pivot” toolbar = “true”
beforetoolbarcreated = {this.customizeToolbar}
reportcomplete = {this.setWidth}
I am trying to set the width of column to specific value but it goes to many loops 
setWidth = ()=>{
console.log(“changing with “);
var report = window.flexmonster.getReport();
report[“tableSizes”] = {“columns”:[{“idx”:0,”width”:80},{“idx”:1,”width”:100}]};

is there other way to do so ? 
i tried
flexmonster.on(‘reportcomplete’, function () {
alert(‘Report completed!’);  setwidth  // this causes infinte loop too
Is there any other event i can use to set width of column?

3 answers

sabby September 6, 2017

  window.flexmonster.tableSizes({“columns”:[{“idx”:0,”width”:80},{“idx”:1,”width”:100}]});    we dont have something like this right ?

Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster September 7, 2017

Hello Sabby,
Thank you for writing. Please try adding"reportcomplete"); after window.flexmonster.setReport(report);. off() API call removes JS handlers for the specified event so there will be no infinite loop. Let me know if it helps.

sabby September 7, 2017

thanks it works perfectly now. thank you 

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