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Is it possible to send reports by email automatically when flexmonster is not displayed in a web browser?

guest asked on July 17, 2015

We need to be able to send reports by email automatically. That is, to provide some flexmonster automation to produce output (in HTML or PDF for instance) and send it by mail. We can handle the scripting part, but is flexmonster “automation-able” when not displayed in a web browser?

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Iryna Kulchytska Iryna Kulchytska Flexmonster July 17, 2015

Thank you for your question.

Yes, it is possible. A combination of HTML5 Flexmonster component and PhantomJS ( can produce the output (in HTML, PDF, Images) on the back-end without being displayed in a web browser.

Please let me know if you are interested in a demo of such functionality.

Iryna Kulchytska Iryna Kulchytska Flexmonster May 24, 2017

You can find more details about exporting on the server without using a browser and a link to the sample on GitHub in our documentation.

Ionut Riza July 10, 2018


We’d like to do the same but via an excel attached to an email, regularly after a set amount of time.(ie: similar to a daily/weekly/monthly report, based on user preferences).
Is there a better way of doing this or the above example should do the trick?

Dmytro Zvazhii Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster July 10, 2018

Hello Ionut Riza,
Thank you for your question. The main idea of such an approach is to get the report from Flexmonster without user’s interaction. The PhantomJS browser is launched as a separate process without displaying the Pivot Table. Please note that you should define your own data source and all the other report configurations in the index.html file. You are welcome to try it with the example mentioned above. Also, could you please let us know if your company is already a customer of Flexmonster? We just need this information for our records. 

Ionut Riza July 10, 2018

Thank you for the answer!
Ok, so basically this is the only way to do it.
Yes, my company is already a customer. 


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