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PDF file not rendering properly

Lekhraj asked on October 18, 2019

Hi Team,
when we export pdf, each time it renders different. we do not see any consistent pattern, please find the attached screenshots for reference.
We would like to understand, is this an existing bug?


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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster October 18, 2019

Hello, Lekhraj,
Thank you for writing to us.
Export to PDF seems to be working fine on our end.
1) Could you please modify the following JSFiddle example so that the issue is reproducible?: https://jsfiddle.net/flexmonster/d2gx3Lqz/

2) In addition, please let us know:
2.1) Your Flexmonster version
2.2) Your browser version
Waiting for your reply.
Best Regards,

Lekhraj October 23, 2019

Hello Vera,
sorry for the late reply.
I’m still facing the same issue.
Flexmonster version 2.7.17
Google Chrome browser version 77.0.3865.120
I suggest you take data that includes string, number, date, etc.
maintain the 18 to 22 columns and 50+ rows and check for the rendering multiple times

pageOrientation: “landscape”,
pageFormat: “A2”,


Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster October 30, 2019

Hello, Lekhraj,
Thank you for giving us some time.
Still, we have not managed to reproduce the issue on our end.
Please see the following JSFiddle example for illustration: https://jsfiddle.net/flexmonster/tsq1hp6w/
We have exported the report multiple times, yet each report turned out the same.
Does it work fine on your end as well?
Could you please provide a code sample where the issue is reproducible?
It would greatly help to make further progress on the case.
A kind reminder is to please let us know which company you represent. This can be done via email.
Waiting for your reply.
Best Regards,

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