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Pivot needs 6 minutes analysing 240.000 Rows of data

Gerd Tautenhahn asked 6 days ago

We load 240.000 rows from SQL Server.
After the query completed on SQL Server side, the browser needs around 6 minutes to analyse 240.000 rows with 25 columns – Int, Money and nvarchar(255) values of compressed around 5 MB.
In my opinion this is much to much time – where could be the problem ? Client PC has 8 GB RAM.

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Illia Yatsyshyn Illia Yatsyshyn Flexmonster 5 days ago

Thank you for contacting us.
Please note that 5 MB is the size of the archived data transferred over the network. After unpacking, the data set takes more than 280 MB as demonstrated in the attached screenshot.
We recommend using a direct connection to JSON/CSV when the data set size does not exceed 100-150 MB.
For larger data sets, we recommend using Flexmonster Data Server, which is a middle layer between Flexmonster and your database. It is responsible for fetching data from a data source, processing, and aggregating it. Then the data is passed to Flexmonster Pivot in a ready-to-show format. The Data Server significantly reduces the time of data loading and enables analyzing large datasets.
Moreover, the Data Server supports connection to a Microsoft SQL Server database by default.
Please let us know if it helps.
Feel free to reach out if any additional questions arise.
Kind regards,

Gerd Tautenhahn 2 days ago

Hello Illia,
thank you, we will try this.

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