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Pre-Purchase Questions I need to know

Cedric Gaines asked on February 7, 2020

Good Day,
We are currently evaluating your tool as part of a large project / solution we are building and we have downloaded the evaluation of it and love it! But I do have a few questions that I would like to ask…
1.) Can we set the default of the control so that all fields and filters render in expanded mode (All filtered data is expanded from the start once rendered)?
2.) Can we place the charts data info at the top of the chart itself.  (We see the charts info on hover, but would like to place some of that info on the chart itself (like at the top of a bar chart line))?
3.) Currently when running the sample we have, when i go to export to PDF or PNG, it says ‘Failed to load PDF document’ or ‘Looks like we don’t support this file format (exporting to image)).  What would cause this? cause the other exports work?
4.) Can we set the default format to ‘Classic Form’ from the start?
5.) Is there a way to capture the filter sets in an understandable string and place that in a chart or print out?
6.) Are we able to use another chart engine, such as hi charts, chart.js or something?
7.)Is it possible to have a pre-defined report (we save a .json file from the chart) and have it so that if we click a link, the flex monster control will automatically load this saved pre-defined report and open the report within the control itself?
8.)Can you explain if filter types for a field will only show for a field type.  Like strings and number fields all show the same filters (Contains, Greater Than,  and so on).  You would think these filters only show if the filter could be used on a field and its field type, yet all the same filters seem to show.
9.) Can we order the Measures Group, Attributes, Dimensions and such in the control.  Each time it loads, it comes in different order.  Can we control where and how it shows on the control (trying to maintain consistency with our client)?
Thanks in advance,

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Illia Yatsyshyn Illia Yatsyshyn Flexmonster February 10, 2020

Hello, Cedric,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

  1. All hierarchies can be expanded by default by setting the expandAll property of an expands object to true. The expands object itself is a property of the slice object. More information about the slice and its properties can be found following the link: Slice Object. You are welcome to check out an example of using the expandAll property.

    Moreover, all hierarchies can be expanded and collapsed using expanAllData and collapseAllData API calls provided by the component. Detailed information about the methods:

  2. Data labels are shown on the chart in case showDataLabels property of the chart object is specified as true. The chart object is presented as a property of the options object. Detailed information about the options object and its properties by the link: Options Object. You are welcome to check out an example we have prepared for you.
  3. Our team would like to recommend specifying the encoding for your HTML page to UTF-8 using the content-type HTTP header or the corresponding meta tag:
     <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
  4. The classic form can be chosen by default in case the value of a type property of the grid object is set to “classic”. The grid object is a property of the mentioned options object. Please check out an example from our examples page.
  5. Filters can be obtained while exporting to Excel or PDF using the exportTo method. For Excel, set the showFilters property to true in order to include filters in the exported Excel file. Export to PDF includes filters by default. More information about the method and its properties: exportTo API call. Please check out an example we have prepared for you.
  6. Flexmonster can be integrated with third-party charting libraries. Please see our documentation on:
  7. The report object allows saving and retrieving the configuration of the pivot. Flexmonster provides the possibility to open or load the JSON file containing the report object.
    E.g., it is achievable by using the Toolbar. Hovering the “Open” button entails appearing of a drop-down allowing to open a local report or load it from the specified URL. It is also possible to create custom controls using load and open API calls provided by Flexmonster. More information about the mentioned methods in our documentation:
  8. The list of options allowed to use while filtering is closely connected with a data type of the hierarchy. Please refer to our blog post in order to get detailed information about filtering based on different data types.
  9. The desired functionality is provided by the slice object. A slice is a definition of the subset of fields required to be displayed on the pivot. Check out our manual on configuring the slice: Slice Object.

We hope it helps.
Please contact us in case of additional questions.
Best regards,

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